A couple of great songs from french recording artist Alex Bianchi, with me on mandolin. Buy his CD here. visit his website here.

Alex Bianchi · 3.Elle Sait Que Je L’aime


Here I am back in the day (late 1990’s) playing some electric guitar with instrumental group “The X Members”, John Freund – Hammond Organ, Seth Cooper – Bass, and Rodney Howard – Drums. Playing the soul classic “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles

Jay Gogan · 3. Hit The Road Jack

And here we are doing the Joni Mitchell tune “Help Me”.

Jay Gogan · 7. Help Me

And now a little Curtis Mayfield-Andrew Loydd Weber mashup called “Jesus Christ Superfly”.

Jay Gogan · Jesus Christ Superfly

In 2005 I had the privilege of recording an album with the NYC based Afrobeat group Akoya Afrobeat, the album is called “President Dey Pass” and the track is “Fela Dey” (which means Fela Lives). I am on Rhythm guitar.

Jay Gogan · 1. Fela Dey

And here we are playing the tune Je Je.

Jay Gogan · 4. JE Je

Here I am “rockin’ out” on electric guitar with the group “Bigger than a Breadbox” the brainchild of singer songwriter and hammond organist John Freund. With the great Andy Sanesi on drums. The tune is called “I Don’t Care”.

Jay Gogan · 04 I Don’t Care

And here I am with the same group doing a super heavy tune called “Dark”, probably the closest I came to playing “Heavy Metal”.

Jay Gogan · 10 Dark