Here are a few videos recorded back in 2016, part of my ongoing “Choro” project. I’m playing my 1919 Gibson model A2 mandolin, as well as nylon string guitar, the percussion is custom loops, recorded in Logic pro x at my home studio.

Here I am playing with the French singer songwriter Alex Bianchi performing the title track from his “L’homme des Tavernes” CD (it means man of the taverns). Check out his website at is a fantastic songwriter, and even if you don’t understand french (although if you did, you would know he’s a great lyricist) the music stands on it’s own. I played a variety of instruments on his CD, including mandolin, baritone guitar, Irish bouzouki and even a little banjo. You can buy the CD here.

Here we are playing “Les Diables” (the devils)

I do not apear in this clip of the song “Angelina”. I was away on tour with a different artist at the time, so Alex had to “mime” the mandolin part. It is me playing though,and it’s one of my favorite tunes of his.